Taking measurements

A myriad of modern ways of cutting and shaping the stone for results that you’ll be proud of

We bring your project to life in 5 steps :

  1. You bring your ideas, your sketches
  2. We analyze your project, our experts advise you
  3. You choose your materials
  4. We manufacture, stylize and polish
  5. We install

Whether you are an individual, a designer or a contractor with construction or renovation projects, RocArtz is at your service!

Consult our specialists, they are here to advise you, guide you through the wide range of materials, inform you on their particularities and the proper installation techniques.

Our projects are carried our with professionallism and at the best price thanks to our knowledge in design and aesthetics, our expertise and our technical skills which we are proud of.



With an artist’s finesse, a profound know-how
and a quality product

Our professionals will take precise laser measurements and manufacture the templates specific to your projects.

We ensure that all final products meet your expectations thanks to the skills and competence of our craftsmen at RocArtz, and the use of the best tools and advanced technologies.



A team of meticulous, tidy and courteous installers who ensure your complete satisfaction

Solid surface countertop installation requires a great deal of expertise to ensure proper leveling, precise junctions and meticulous finish. Our installers work with professionalism and in a safe environment to guarantee the quality of our projects and your satisfaction.